Monday, July 15, 2013

Museo del Mundo Maya, Kayak, Punta Laguna, Tulúm, Valladolid!

Chac Mool: This is the name that has been given to this type of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican stone statue. We went to the Gran museo del mundo Maya and were able to observe, closely, one these marvelous sculptures. Chac Mools are usually found in Central Mexico and Yucatan.
The Gran museo del mundo Maya was opened on December 12, 2012. According to the Oficina de turismo here in Mérida, It's the newest museum in all of Mexico. The main purpose of the museum is to give complete and affordable access, to both tourists and the community, to the culture of the region. The Museum is very affordable and they offer plenty of discounts for students. Our experience at the Museum was fantastic!
This is La ría or estuary were we went kayaking. This ría is is quite close to Progreso beach. Our students enjoyed this activity very much. That day we kayaked for 2hrs. After kayaking we walked to Progreso beach and spent the afternoon there.
Taylor wanted to show everyone that he could do a backward somersault.
Kate and Sandy demonstrating their kayaking skills...
Here is everyone, perfectly talented! It took us almost half an hour to get everyone in position ;) but we did it!
Punta Laguna, what an incredible place. Punta Laguna is a a Spider Monkey Reserve. Punta Laguna is located to the northeast of the Yucatan peninsula, 18 km north from the archeological site of Cobá. The spider monkey is the most abundant mammal of the area. 
The lagoon is simply gorgeous.

In Punta Laguna, visitors can enjoy activities as diverse as hiking, birdwatching, monkey watching, zip-lining, and rappelling. we can all say that we have been in Paradise! Akumal is a small (but incredibly beautiful) beach about 100 km south of Cancún.
We were all enchanted by Akumal's beauty; however, that afternoon, we were attacked by some really mean mosquitoes.
Tulúm is a Pre-Columbian Maya city. Many of its majestic ruins are situated on about 40 feet tall cliffs. This is a view of the God of Winds Temple, in Tulúm.
Sea turtle nests can be seen all along the beach...fortunately, they are all protected.
We arrived at Valladolid just in time to enjoy one of its famous Vaquerías.
On our way back to Mérida from Tulúm, we made a stop in Valladolid. This charming city is located in the southeastern part of the state of Yucatan. This picture was taken in the main square of the city.
After exploring downtown for a little while, we went ahead and ate lunch at a restaurant located in the premises of the Cenote Zací...needless to say that the food, the view and the atmosphere were excellent!
Taking a short break by the Cenote after a delicious lunch...


  1. Well done, Guillermo! I want to see a picture of the Spider Monkeys too. That was amazing, how close they would come to us.

    The ruins at Tulum were also very impressive. I want to go back when I can.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post these pictures, Guillermo. Each week we anxiously await seeing all your shining faces trecking around the Yucatan. Enjoy your last week. -The Noel Family