Friday, May 10, 2013

Who we are...

Guillermo López was born in Cuba, where he lived until he was 19 years old. In 2003 he immigrated to the United States. Guillermo graduated from the University of Louisville in December of 2011. He had the opportunity to travel to France for his first study abroad program thanks to the University of Louisville’s summer study abroad program in Montpellier. Before moving to Bloomington, IN to pursue his Masters degree in Hispanic Literature, Guillermo worked as a Spanish Teacher in Saint Martha Catholic Middle School and also tutored High School students. Now, Guillermo is also an Associate Instructor of Spanish at Indiana University, Bloomington. In his free time, Guillermo enjoys reading, cooking, listening to music and above all, DANCING!!!!!

Patrick Moore was born and raised in Wisconsin where he graduated from
UW-Madison majoring in Spanish. He was able to travel to Mexico for
his first study abroad program thanks to that university's summer
study abroad program in Oaxaca. He lived with a family of artists and
excellent cooks and was able to explore the south of Mexico during
independent travel after the program was over. After working in
Madison for a few years, Mr. Moore moved to Athens, Georgia, to be
with his wife Holly, who was attending the University of Georgia. He
worked at a local hospital, eventually as a Spanish Interpreter,
before returning to study, also at UGA, this time earning his MA in
Hispanic Linguistics. He currently lives in Bloomington with Holly
(his wife), and three cats and two dogs. He is a second year PhD
student in Hispanic Linguistics at Indiana University, Bloomington
and is an Associate Instructor of Spanish.
Melissa Ballesteros-Benavides is from Monterrey, Mexico. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Hispanic Literature at Indiana University, Bloomington. Melissa earned her Bachelors degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University.She has tought and served as a counselor for numerous summer and afterschool programs in both Mexico and the United States. Melissa is also an Associate Instructor of Spanish at Indiana University, Bloomington. In her free time, Melissa enjoys dancing, reading, cooking and working as an animal/wildlife volunteer.
Ian is currently a graduate student studying Hispanic Linguistics in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Indiana University. He is also an Associate Instructor of Spanish in the department and thoroughly enjoys teaching Spanish! Before coming to Indiana, Ian worked for the Virginia Tech Office of Outreach and International Affairs where he coordinated several international initiatives centering around international education and faculty development. While at Virginia Tech Ian also completed his Masters of Public and International Affairs, with studies concentrating in the politics and policy of international development and human migration. As a result of several years working in summer camps and inner-city youth ministry programs with the Reformed Church in America, Ian has a passion for working with young adults in youth leadership, outdoor education/survival skill, and project adventure contexts. Ian is an avid traveler with significant experience in Central America, Southern Mexico and the Caribbean. Having once been an university exchange student in Merida, Mexico (Fall 2008), Ian is incredibly excited to be returning 'home' to the Yucatan Peninsula and sharing his knowledge of and passion for the region with the IUHPFL program participants. In his free time Ian enjoys running,hiking, canoeing, cooking/baking, listening to a variety of music, and relaxing with friends. 

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